Seam Social raises $2.5M Seed Round Led by 1kx to Remix the Internet

Seam is the first community-developed social platform giving users creative power to remix their social spaces online

Round led by 1kx with participation from Seed Club Ventures, Sfermion, F7 Ventures, and more

Dec. 11, 2023: Seam, a web3 social platform enabling users to code, design, and curate their perfect social spaces online, today announced the close of its $2.5 million seed raise. The round was led by 1kx, with participation from Seed Club Ventures, Sfermion, F7 Ventures, Social Graph Ventures, and other key angels.

Founded in 2022 by former Meta engineer Nick Confrey, the Seam platform allows users to create custom profiles, add close friends, and share life updates. To do so, Seam introduces the mini-app, empowering users to drag and drop blocks, like gifs, music, and even embedded websites, to create their profiles. All mini-apps are open-source software, allowing anyone to learn to code and remix examples, and then launch new mini-apps to their friends and the world.

Seam aims to bring back a user-owned era of the Internet, focused on whimsical and zany user expression, rather than impersonal newsfeeds. By using mini-apps to drop content into curated social spaces and web pages, Seam is making social media personal again. Seam is for close friends and communities, rather than building for influencers, amassing followers, or portable social graphs.

In addition, Seam’s mini-apps pioneer a new business model for social media. Rather than making money by selling advertising and collecting user data, Seam hosts a marketplace of user-created mini-apps, themes, and templates. Users earn Seam Points and then spend them on profile customizations like unlocking the mini-apps made by their friends.

“By changing the business model of social media from advertising, which is so prevalent today, to a user-owned and generated marketplace, we switch our incentive towards empowering people to create more interesting and expressive experiences. Finally, users can remix the internet, causing Seam to become the most customizable social network,” said Nick Confrey, Co-Founder and CEO of Seam Social.

"The internet originally was cozy, intimate, and most importantly, weird, personal, and interesting,” said pet3rpan, partner at 1kx. “The banner advertising model reduces the places we spend time on into homogenous and mechanical worlds that optimize for ad clicks rather than what makes the internet feel like magic. We believe that Seam has what it takes to be a new home for that energy, and we're excited to be backing them on this journey."

Seam initially appeals to gamers, who can customize their profile to showcase their online personalities. In a partnership with Pixels, a top web3 game, Seam profiles are built directly into the game, allowing users to easily add friends and show off their relevant digital assets.

Seam Social will use the funding to build its marketplace, attract developers to make new mini-apps, launch the mobile app, and expand their team as it continues on the mission to create customizable and user-owned social media. Seam believes that the future of social apps will be remixable, and that users will remix the photos, music, and drawing mini-apps to create a new wave of creative ways to stay in touch.

Users can create their profile now at and developers can launch new mini-apps using Seam’s Block SDK, and easily port existing open-source code into Seam.

About Seam Social:

Seam Social creates online experiences to foster whimsical relationships with your closest friends. Using web3 technology, the Seam platform enables users to code, design, and curate their perfect social spaces online and to earn rewards for their creations from the community. By removing the need for ads and data collection and aligning incentives between the platform and users, Seam is pioneering a new business model for social media.

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